Working Group Speleocartography

The Working Group Speleocartography formed in the last years from a user meeting of the software CAD für Höhlen (CAD for Caves), developed by Tobias Bossert.
      Still the main goal of the working group is the exchange of user experience. The participants are software authors and cave surveyers.
      But the original focus on CAD for Caves was extended and covers now all kind of computer aided cave surveying. The actual sofware environment propagated by the working group is:

The authors of the mentioned software (despite AutoCAD) are members of the working group. Authors of other software, especially German speaking, are invited to join the working group.
      The working group speleocartography meets once a year, normally in January. The meetings take place in the frankian Jura, in the swabian Jura or next year for the first time in Austria near Salzburg.

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